“I wish I had known that Jane was doing this work."


“I struggled for months working with my parents as my father was dying. He refused to talk with my mother or me about what was going on. How wonderful it would have been to have Jane come in as an outside, third person with whom he could talk. It would have made such a difference. She knows how to help people ‘have the conversation’ and guide them to the completion of their advance directive."


“Everyone needs an advance directive—even if they are healthy!!”

Kathy Lenz, CEO, Federal Insights

“Jane is compassionate, personable, and an expert in dealing with end-of-life planning. Her guidance promoted open and frank discussions on how our family member wished to ‘live well’ and resulted in suitable legal documentation to ensure those wishes are known by all who need to know. She facilitated a frank and open family discussion so everyone understood the patient’s requests and decisions. In our case, the services Jane provided were immediate and necessary."


“Truthfully, the level of planning advocated by Jane should be done early and we plan to do it with the rest of our family as each and everyone needs their own plan. This is the greatest gift you can provide to your family or loved ones.”


“The last six months were the hardest, but with the assistance of Jane’s skills and expertise, my dad accepted his fate and, as a family, we made the best of the time we had. I speak from experience and from the heart that the support of friends, family and prayer made a difference and a lasting impression on me. It is now my mission to “pay it forward.”

Steve Tucker, Manager, Operational Support, Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating