What is Advance Care Planning

Have you ever considered what might happen if you were injured on the beltway, taken to a hospital, and couldn’t speak for yourself? Who would make decisions for your care? Would they know what type of care you would want, or not want, as the case may be? If you haven’t had this discussion, called the “Conversation”, with your family and/or friends and haven’t documented your preferences regarding such a situation it is time to do so now.

It is called advance care planning and it is a “GIFT” you give your family. What kind of gift you may ask? It is the gift of knowing that your family members are making decisions based on your choices.   So many family members are caught in this dilemma every day whereby they must make decisions for their loved ones and they don’t really know how. It breaks their heart when they are called upon to make such a decision to begin with and if they don’t know your preferences for such a situation it is even more difficult for them. This is your chance to help them and to help your healthcare provider do what it is that you want.

We know what you are thinking, first, this won’t happen to me or, I don’t want to think about it, it makes me sad, and any way, they know me, they’ll do the right thing. Don’t leave them with that burden. Life is a terminal condition. We are all going to die some day and some of us will get sick or injured sooner than we expect leaving our families to make healthcare decisions for us.

Advance care planning provides you with the tools you need to get your preferences documented. These tools include help in:

  • Identifying your wishes regarding types of treatment you want or don’t want
  • Identifying a Health Care Agent or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Ensuring you meet your State's requirements for this type of legal documentation.
  • Knowing the steps you need to take to make to ensure it is available when needed.

This really doesn’t have to be difficult but it does need to be done and we can help you work through the process of advance care planning so that you have all the pieces of the puzzle neatly and legally put together. Remember several things as you consider this. Everyone of us is going to die (sorry but it is the truth), identifying your wishes will help you when you can no longer make your wishes known, but the real “GIFT” is the fact that your family will know your desires when they are called up on to make the tough decisions. Help them out by having your wishes in writing and available for them. Give us a call so that you can have the "Conversation" and give your family the "Gift."

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