Working with Organizations

We provide ethics training, ethics counsel, and related services for provider groups, hospitals, health plans, and other organizations in the health care marketplace.

Our core services include—

  • Ethics Training: We provide customized training on advance care planning and ethical decision making, including how to have conversations with patients and their families, how to document patients’ wishes, timelines for review, identifying and navigating ethical dilemmas, and the pitfalls of misrepresentation of advance directives within health care settings.
  • Strategic Counsel: We support professional organizations and business partners through analysis, program development, blog posts, and research in government and professional standards, helping them to remain current in oft changing landscape of end of life care and communicate to their various constituents.
  • Partnership Development: We tap into our vast contact base to help you enhance your visibility and grow your business.
  • Ethics Consultation: We assist hospitals, health systems, and other health care entities in establishing and supporting ethics committees, meeting JCAHO ethical requirements, educating staff, and supporting committees and institutions in their efforts to “get it right” for patients and their families.

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